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Baby (ladies first!): several hints make us believe that in previous lives she was (among others) a Bedouin and a slave-trading ship captain.
Despite a degree in architecture, she spent most of her working life as a teacher.
Nephew/daughter/sister of naval officers, despite having been born on the Alps she roams the seas ever since.
Her favorite task on-board is to get hold of the helm and give orders to all the crew, in a perfect cap.t Bligh impersonation.
She is the ship's communications officer: without speaking a word of any known language, she would be able to chat with a mogul camel-trader.






Gian: an engineer by mentality as well as by education, after a full life spent in the telecommunications industry he still cannot manage to master any electronic device.
A fanatic for preparation, he spends more time documenting himself and getting prepared for all unforeseeable problems (an obvious, hopeless contradiction!) than in actual sailing.
He is permanently fighting with something which just broke down, and being intrinsically lazy, he tends to consider any on-board equipment failure as a personal insult.
Fundamentally boring and convinced that two people is company and three people is a riot, he nevertheless loves company if taken in little doses.




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