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 Expenses 2016





Unfortunately the cost break-down we were keeping during the circumnavigation was lost when our computer was damaged by water when we capsized in the Carribbean sea.    During the 2016 cruise, which lasted nearly two months, we have been able to keep a detailed cost recording:

    - Food and beverages:             1179 eqt.to:    347 /person-month

    - Ports and mooring charges:       930 eqt.to:    547 /month

    - Fuel:                            642 eqt.to:    448 /month (fuel + oil & filters)

    - Oil and filters:                 120

    - Cooking Gas:                      24

    - Restaurants and Take-Away:       253 eqt.to:    149 /month

    - Turism, car hire:                202

    - Communication:                   250 eqt.to:    147 /month

    - Repairs (batteries+dinghy:      1809


    - Total:                          5409

    - Total (w/o repairs):            3600 eqt.to:   2117 /month

                                             eqt.to:     71 /day


Food and beverages: even adding the cost for eating out (which expecially in Greece is not too expensive) we spent more or less like at home, reconfirming previous experiences.

Ports and mooring fees: the expenditure was relatively high, mostly due to the long stopovers in Italian marinas to wait for weather improvements, while in Greece we spent only 6 nights in relatively expensive marinas and the seasonal mooring fees are still quite reasonable.   Had we visited other countries, such as Croatia, the cost would have been high because the mooring fees are high and the price of berths or buoy moorings is exorbitant!

Fuel, engine-oil and filters: although the cost per engine-hour has been significantly lower than expected (260 every 100 hours), the monthly cost has been in line with the budget of 400/month due to the high number of engine hours used.

Communication: while in Italy we had at our disposal effective and cheap solutions both for telephony and internet access, the situation has not been equally good in Greece, we spent a lot for a level of service which was seldom acceptable.   We often paid (a lot) to get a service which was so slow as to be unusable, next year we will have to find a better solution (local SIM?).

Repair costs: unplanned, for sure, but problems may happen, such as when our dinghy unglued itself after a short usage, while we did not notice any problem when we inflated it before our departure.   Also the batteries' breakdown was rather sudden, although in this case we could have expected it, in view of the batteries' age.
The MORAL is that it is prudent to expect that during a lengthy cruise some breakages may happen, costing money but also time: getting spare parts in a remote location may not be easy nor fast, like we learned to our expense last year when we had to abort our cruise after the breakage of the mainsail's sheet rail.

Conclusions?   A ROUND FIGURE defines a reasonable estimate for cruising costs (on top of food cost):

1000 /month


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