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The following buttons link to a number of on-line photo-albums where more photos are available.  Image size and quality is deliberately low to allow a relatively fast access.
(sorry, headings and descriptions are in Italian only!)

  • Works, modification and other general info

Works Modification and works on Shaula 3

  • Cruises

2005 Cruise Voyage from Arzal to Arenzano, via Gibraltar

2006 Cruise Voyage from Varazze to Aprilia, via Malta and Greece

  • Blue Water Rally 2007/2009:

Preparation Final preparation

BWR - Part 1 Transfer cruise from Italy and first part of the Blue Water Rally, from Gibraltar to Panama

BWR - Part 2 Second part, from Galapagos Islands to Polinesia

BWR - Part 3 Third part, from Tonga to Australia

BWR - Part 4 Fourth part, from Indonesia to Thailand

BWR - Part 5 Fifth part, Red Sea and homecoming!






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