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During our voyages the so-called "Pilot Books" have always been a valuable source of information concerning places of interest for the leisure sailor, which are often overlooked by the official cartography, aimed at large vessels.

Also the information published by other sailors on their web-sites has been useful, and this is why we now plan to do the same, and offer to other perspective long-distance sailors our own advice.

DISCLAIMER: we do not mean this information to be in any way a replacement for proper nautical documentation nor for commercially available "Pilot Books" whose authors spend a great deal of time to keep their information up-to-date!   Please, refer to the appropriate commercial products.
Our objective is simply to provide you with good-faith information on the visited places, what we liked and what we didn't, the routes we followed and why; you must keep in mind that this information is subject to become obsolete and that any decision concerning routes to follow, dangers, formalities and so on are under the sole responsibility of the individual yacht's skipper.

CONTENT TO BE ADDED (please be patient!)

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