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Lorenzo ("Lois"): despite having almost been born aboard and having sailed with us ever since, he started showing some sign of interest for the boat's handling only in his adulthood.
Deprived of any practical skill (not surprisingly he studied philosophy), he does not let himself to be put down by technology and by the occasional disaster he makes.
Like any would-be-philosopher, he loves talking and writing; famous among his friends are the delirious "cruising logs" that he sends them by e-mail during his navigations.
His main role on-board used to be "general-purpose monkey", but lately he has discovered a taste for helming and started contending the wheel to his mother.





Enrico ("Lico"): he has been deserting our voyages since some time, due to the fact that summer is the peak season for his activity as a video game-tester.
For some mysterious reason he does not like being photographed despite being a good photographer himself, and quite to the opposite of his brother, he is not a great talker.
At least during the circumnavigation he has been able to join us a couple of times for a period of sailing in company.





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